Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day 12 - Miles, money and mistakes

Today was just about covering miles. No pictures from me on this one. We left Durango and headed out 160 to 64 to 87 and on to Clayton, NM. Parts of 64 completely rocked. We went thru' some mountains and had a grand old time running some fast twisties through the Carson forest. Awesome!

We got in to Clayton and I started making plans for some riding in Texas, catch up with some people... I've been promised *real* Texas BBQ! Then I checked my bank account. Yikes! Crazy I thought I was keeping better track of things. I might have to dig in to household money to get home and that's worrisome to me. Gas has been consistently more expensive then I'd planned, as has food. I splurged and got my own room a few more nights than I should have, and some of the places we've stayed have been a bit more expensive than planned.


I really wanted to get down in to Texas. I gotta log on to the bank and credit card sites again and see if I can do this.


robustyoungsoul said...

Help here.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! You asshole! hahahahaha