Thursday, March 6, 2008

One worry down, eight million to go

Well, the riding group met last weekend and we all agreed that Adrian would be nuts to want to drive a 24 or 26 foot rental truck across the country in three days. He would probably be beat up and not at all rested and would want to take a day or two off before hitting the road. He agreed that he would change his plans and fly out, and we will ship the bikes out.

We just had to decide if we would use a bike-only shipper, freight forwarder, etc. We did some calling and got lots of quotes, compared values and options, then decided on a company who only ships vehicles. We got a firm price quote and gave them a tentative "go ahead". We're booking it officially this week. The bikes will remain at their depot until we arrive - unless one of the guys in the group can come thru' with having his friend contact a dealership in the Portland metro area. Either way, we're covered for a destination and storage place until we arrive.

We're only a few days over 2 months from departure date.

Again, I ask... is it too early to pack?