Friday, May 16, 2008

Day 0.9 - Arrived and repacking

We arrived safely!!! We flew out of Philly more or less on time (for Philly!) and arrived in Portland a little bit before 9pm local time.

Well, this definitely isn't a twisty road, but we're making great time

Hey, what are those things? They're like... BIG!

Ah, how comforting. Friendly, familiar faces

Adrian and Bob had already brought the bikes to the hotel and filled them up with fuel. Awesome! We all have some shuffling around of luggage and such on the bikes. Some tonight, some tomorrow.

Tomorrow we're going to meet up around 9am, return the rental car and get under way. The time zone change and a late dinner kinda kicked the crap out of all of us. Not much news. Start looking for the Day-1 (and later) posts to be updated.

Here we go, folks. Oh, and Yes, Wayne... "we're there now".


robustyoungsoul said...

Have a blast, your buddies at work will be tracking your progress. And blaming everything on you in your absence.

Gruney1 said...

Good Luck Guys, I am jealous!

Charles said...

Coolness. Look forward to more posts.
(Especially that link for the GPS tracker.....hint...hint...)

Tony (Xodus) said...

Good Luck Guys and have fun... Looking forward to updates and lots of pics...


eclecticdawn said...

Yippieeee~! Let the fun begin! Ride safe.

Dan said...

Chris - it's not too late. If you need to come home and sulk, I'd be glad to pick up your bike for need to ship it home by Ok, have fun.
- Dan