Monday, April 28, 2008

What the hell is an ARCPosse, anyway?

Seems like a dumb name, huh? Well, it kinda is. It's the best thing a bunch of old guys could come up with just to have a name to attach to this rag-tag group of nut jobs riding across the US.

You see, we all took the "Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic" or "ARC" class. It's a class designed to teach more advanced and sport-riding techniques to ultimately enable a rider to handle his bike better. (details at )

Posse is just because...

This isn't an official name for some silly bar hopping club or anything - we just needed a name for the website. We don't have patches or jackets or anything. Not even a logo. Just a stupid name. That's all. Besides... "Wild Hogs" was taken.

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